Schools use marketing agency to help improve signups

marketingYou would normally think that only regular businesses with regular products need online marketing. As the internet becomes more and more important, schools are starting to see that they need to embrace the new way of promoting their classes. Some schools are not lucky enough to be able to have the talent in-house to run promotions on their own. This is when it comes in handy to work with vendors that will provide you these services. The SEO and digital marketing agency over at is helping youth find their way to a better career. With services like search engine optimization and reputation management, they help school reach their targeted audience which is students. With the tuition for school programs at an all time high, its more worth it than ever to spend money on marketing. If it costs them 50 dollars to obtain a student lead and they are able to get 5000 dollars, they have more than made a nice little profit. Alpha ROI Marketing appears to be offering a nice little marketing program for school. While we don’t have all the details yet, we suggest you check out their site at to find out more.

Students leverage technology to access blocked websites like YouTube

youtubeAs you may already know, our students here have so much talent. Its no surprise that even they know how to use technology and critical thinking to bypass some or filters. We recently discovered that YouTube can be accessed by using web proxies. You can unblock YouTube with the site Proxy sites like that one are super popular right now. So many students around the world access YouTube when they go home. Its no brainier they would want to do the same at school. You can find just about any kind of video on YT. Things from news to music videos and sometimes even movies. Now I know what you might be thinking, proxy pages are evil. They allow our kinds to goof off while they are studying. However you might be more inclined to disagree if you knew that it was recently proven that watching videos online help the brain relax and relieve some anxiety. This is something very common in school. So perhaps sites like unblock tunnel are not so evil after all. If you are curious about the the topic you can find many more great tips to unblock YouTube on their blog. Also visit this cool site called Its another great YT proxy to unblock sites. You might find something really neat there.